Orginaly I intended to build an informational website for you and the media about how mass media perpetrates mass murders upon an unsuspecting public. (I consider “Mass Media” to be any organization or person that has a mass audience). However, I found the correlation between the media and mass murders is well known, well documented, and there already are sites that have this information. You can see some these websites on our LINKS page. More importantly, the media already knows, that is why they are, “Mass Murder INC.” To say otherwise reminds me of the big tobacco CEOs testifying before Congress that they don’t believe nicotine is addictive. I can see the CEOs of the mass media organizations making similar statements about how they do not believe mass media causes mass murders.

For those that find this subject new, I will present some of the evidence for you on this page. Please remember, this is an old conversation, and it needs to evolve, from attempting to inform and warn the networks, (because they already know and do not care), to the next logical phase. I believe we need to pressure the networks at the individual level to care, to change, to stop sensationalizing mass murders and the sick individuals that carry them out as well as their twisted message. They may play dumb, but Mass Media knows.